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Tanning Information

Before the tanning day (24hrs prior).  Please ensure that you:

*Wax or shave

*Exfoliate your skin esp. knees elbows and back of heels

*Do not moisturise

On the day of the Tan.  Please ensure that you:

* Do not wear deodorant

* Remove make up this is optional but it will deter the tan from reaching the skin

* Remove all jewellery that will cause a barrier between the skin and tan

Ladies:    We supply paper disposable pants, disposable bras, hair nets and sole covers to avoid staining your feet.

You may prefer to wear your own clothing - a bikini, swimsuit or underwear (or nothing at all). Please make sure that your choice of clothing is dark in colour.

Gentlemen:   You may wear boxers, pants, swim trunks or a thong.  Please note that we never tan gentleman nude.

What to wear after a spray tan:  

We would advise you to wear loose black or dark coloured clothing as the tan may transfer especially if your clothing or underwear is too tight. It will wash out but it will be less noticeable. Open toe shoes or flip flops are ideal. Think about the style of clothing that you will be wearing after the tan has developed.

Process of tanning:  

The tan is more noticeable as it is processing as you will have  over spray on the skin.  This means that once you have left the tan to develop (for at least 6 hours) you can then shower, removing the unwanted tan leaving you with the desired colour.

How to maintain the life of the tan:

The life of the spray tan largely depends on you and how your skin is before the tan/after the tan if you follow these steps it will  prolong your newly applied tan.

* Do not come into contact with water for at least 6 hours

* Do not do any physical exercise while your tan is developing

* Do not bath or shower in extremely hot water

* Avoid vigorous drying and use a soft towel pat dry

* Do not exfoliate the skin after the tan

* Avoid swimming regularly as the chlorine will fade the tan

* Moisturise the skin regularly